Do You Have a Good Jobs Mentality?

Do You Have a Good Jobs Mentality?
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    Charting Your New Course 

    Deloitte recently did an update to their Human Capital Trends Report for 2021. If you have not had a chance to read it, you can access it here. The report examines the worker-employer relationship and how it has evolved during a time of accelerated change and how it might further evolve in the future. 

    As organizations look to the future and consider their approach to the return to the office, redefining the use of space, adopting hybrid models of work, and all the underlying strategies that will support all of these issues – it is clear, the pace of change is not going to let up – and it is paramount for the success and longevity of the organization to get these decisions right – or else their employees will be voting with their feet. 

    The Deloitte report lays out four possible futures for the employee-employer relationship: 

    • Work as Fashion where the relationship is reactive. 
    • War Between Talent where the relationship is impersonal
    • Work is Work where the relationship is professional 
    • Purpose Unleashed where the relationship is communal

    As with any future oriented report, there is no one future for all organizations and it is quite possible for organizations and their employees to experience a number of these potential futures. 

    What is a Good Jobs Mentality? 

    Having a good jobs mentality involves shifting thinking from employees are dispensable or interchangeable cogs in the machine – and begin to recognize the value of their workers and that they deliver more value (results) when they are treated with respect and when they are invested in

    As we face what has been named The Great Resignation, forward thinking organizations with a good jobs mentality will: 

    • Create an environment in which job quality is high
    • Encourage employees to voice their views about the work they are doing
    • Provide opportunities of skills development and training 

    How Does L&D Support A Good Jobs Mentality? 

    The importance of Learning and Development moving forward can not be clearer. Learning and training is a key tenant of having a good jobs mentality – but it also means that learning needs to rethink the ways in which they reach their audience. 

    Some of the key considerations are: 

    What are some of the ways you and your organization are navigating the new world or work? We would love to hear from you all. We are all in this together and together, we learn.

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