Learning Engagement

Top 3 Ways to Boost Learning Engagement

Despite the hours you have put into creating or selecting the right eLearning experience, your efforts still aren’t yielding the results you want. Luckily, you don’t have to work harder to create better content. You just have to work a little smarter.

Lifelong Learning

Dr. Kate Hixson Digs Deep into Lifelong Learning

Today, we are launching a new series called Friend of the Firm! These are a series of guest blogs from WeLearn’s friends, partners and trusted advisors. They will be bringing you different takes and philosophies on topics that we geek out on e.g. learning, upskilling, reskilling, sales and more.

Creating Meaning in Content Development

Creating Meaning in Content Development

Feeling like our learning is worthwhile is a fundamental human desire. If learning or work feels meaningless, it can lead to fatigue, burnout, and even unprofessionalism in the workplace.

Despite its immense importance, the connection between deep meaning and learning is rarely incorporated into content development planning strategies and as a result, many learners are left feeling unengaged and uninspired.

Inclusive Design and eLearning

eLearning and the Importance of Inclusive Design

“Diversity” and “inclusion” have become common buzzwords in modern-day business practices, but what do those words mean and how do we apply them to our company’s learning strategies? While increased awareness of inclusivity is the first step in creating more innovative and accessible instructional strategies, it’s time to actively change the way we develop and distribute eLearning content.

WeLearn in 2021 – Elevating Learning

WeLearn in 2021 – Elevating Learning

By now, we can all agree that eLearning, as we knew it, is dead. A new day in learning is here. We’ve extinguished the “click next” experience, and we are ready to promise that at their core, all of our learning products will be engaging, meaningful, and mobile. These three tenants should be like the Bill of Learning Rights—every learner is entitled to them

eLearning Scenario-Based Training

The Power of Scenario-Based eLearning

The goal of any eLearning course is to help learners create long-lasting knowledge. While eLearning can captivate the learner’s attention, studies also suggest that on average 50% of the information learners consume is forgotten within an hour. So how do we design a course that both boosts employee engagement and helps learners retain information?

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